The bonus-malus policy for private vehicles: how large is the carbon emission reduction?

An SLU project, financed by the Swedish EPA. SLU logo NVV logo

Project essentials

The project runs from April 2021-March 2024. The project plan.

Our main goal is an explicit evaluation of the effect of the bonus-malus scheme on carbon emissions, whose reduction is the ultimate objective of the Swedish Climate Act. There are two work packages (WPs).

  • WP1: We evaluate the effect of the policy on the outcome it most directly targets, the share of high and low emission vehicles in the new car market (and the implied reduction in carbon and non-carbon emissions).
  • WP2: We evaluate the effects of the policy on household decisions in the entire car market (including both new and used vehicles) and with regard to mileage.


Will be posted here when we have some.